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February 26, 2013

NACADA advising webinar: 'Advising ESL and International Students'

Submitted by Michael L. Lynch

The next NACADA academic advising webinar will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27, in the Room 226 at the K-State Student Union. The title of the webinar is “Advising ESL and International Students.”

Recruitment of international students has become a high priority for many higher education institutions in the United States and Canada. As a result, academic advisers are seeing significantly higher numbers of advisees who have come to their campuses from other parts of the world. What do academic advisers and advising administrators need to know to provide appropriate support for these students? Questions we need to ask may include:

  •  Why do students choose to come to North America for higher education?
  • What cultural and financial circumstances may factor into their decision-making processes?
  • What should advisors know about the prior experiences and assumptions of students who began their education in other systems?
  • How can advisors help these students capitalize on experience they bring from their own countries?
  • How can we help these students adjust to a new culture and educational system?

Drawing on their experiences as international students and as advisers working with international students, recent immigrants and refugees, our panelists will suggest strategies to assist advisers as they interact with students who are transitioning into North American higher education.

The moderator for the program will be Terry Musser, advising coordinator, College of Agricultural Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, immediate past chair, NACADA webinar advisory board. The panelists will be Yung-Hwa Anna Chow, general studies and advising center, Washington State University, chair, NACADA ESL and international student advising commission;  Jose’ Rodriguez, assistant dean, Honors College, Florida International University, chair, NACADA webinar advisory board; Ana Frega, director of majors advising, College of Liberal Arts, University of Massachusetts-Boston, NACADA emerging leader; and Hyun-Soon Kong, academic adviser, Faculty of Nursing, University of Manitoba, NACADA emerging leader.

Please note that the webinar in Room 226 in the Union was formerly to be in Room 213.