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K-State Today

September 4, 2020

Auckly receives September Charlie Award

Submitted by Katelin Christianer-Donkers

David Auckly, professor and advisor in the mathematics department, has been selected for the September Charlie Award.

Tahmineh Azizi, graduate student in mathematics, along with another colleague, nominated Auckly for this award because "he is a true champion for undergraduate and graduate student advising with a tireless commitment to serving our university."

Azizi said that Auckly "helps students in learning how to make wise decisions, understanding consequences, managing elusive time, and building strong relationships … his advising positively influenced my education and personal development and also other students. He helps us to set our future goals."

According to Auckly's nominators, he is "exceptionally skilled in building students' morale and helping people re-engage with their work by providing different activities and events for all campus students with various backgrounds. I have seen him resolve conflicts and handle other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. Along with advising, he loves teaching, and works hard taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with students and discuss their math problems, research questions and helping undergraduate students to distinguish graduate school and its role in their future career."

Auckly not only acts as a mentor to students, but to his colleagues as well, "Since my arrival at K-State, he has been the most influential figure in my academic career. He led me through some confusing times and has helped me accomplish so much… I aspire to be as good of a professor as he is, one day."

The Advisor Forum Committee thanks Auckly for the work he has done for students and congratulates him on this award.

As a reminder, to nominate someone for the Charlie Award, fill out the short online form. Once your nomination is complete, it will remain an active nomination for one full academic year. Nominations can be completed at any time and can be submitted by anyone on campus. One award will be given out at the beginning of each month. The Advisor Forum Committee will make the decision and deliver awards.