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K-State Today

July 10, 2020

K-State affirms support for international students and scholars

Submitted by President Myers

Dear K-Staters,

We join other higher education institutions in Kansas and around the nation in denouncing the new Student and Exchange Visitor Program, or SEVP, rules on international student visas as both immoral and counterproductive.

A policy that terminates students’ visas in the middle of their studies during a pandemic is wrong and will be detrimental for our students, our university, our state and our nation. It will undermine our ability to attract and retain talented students and researchers, to enhance our diversity, to learn about different cultures, and to engage with the world. By reducing our access to international talent, this policy will threaten our nation's economic leadership and our national security, all in the midst of a public health and economic crisis.

At Kansas State University, international students and scholars are a valued and integral part of our university community and we will support them. For example, we rely heavily on international graduate students and international scholars to fulfill our land-grant research mission and bring global context to solve challenges directly affecting Kansas’ agricultural economy. Since K-State plans to hold classes this fall in a mix of in-person, hybrid and online formats, international students on F-1 visas should be able to continue their studies full time and maintain a valid F-1 status at Kansas State University under the new federal policy. 

Information about the new guidance is available in a related article

We remain committed to working toward reasonable immigration policies that welcome international students and scholars to our campus.


Richard B. Myers