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June 19, 2020

Sungo Kim publishes research in IEEE Access

Submitted by Sungo Kim

Sungo Kim, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, recently published an article in IEEE Access. 

The article, "A Directional Microplasma Thruster Exhibiting a Switchable Intense Plasma Coupling," details the new microplasma thruster technology that can yield high thrust-to-power ratio performance at sufficient specific impulse.

Conventional cold and warm gas thrusters with low specific impulses and thrust greatly limit the capability of nanosatellites to conduct meaningful plane and attitude changes in space. Nanosatellite platforms are rapidly gaining popularity as alternatives to traditional satellite systems, due to their decreased production and delivery costs. These systems offer cheaper and more compact satellite solutions to a variety of customers but have very stringent size, power and payload restrictions. 

The researchers expect that their thruster approach will provide a direction for overcoming the limitations of current electric propulsion systems, specifically in terms of mobility, longevity and thrust capability for future nano- and picosatellite systems.