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June 2, 2020

Reflect on spring student learning in preparing for fall semester

Submitted by Dorothy Thompson

The Office of Assessment encourages faculty to use the assessment of student learning results in your courses to provide evidence of pedagogical effectiveness as it relates to alternate forms of instruction and assessment that had been implemented in courses.

This evidence can be useful as instructional plans are made for upcoming semesters. It is important that faculty remain vigilant in the implementation of assessment processes in courses and across your programs and co-curricular units. In planning for the fall semester, faculty should consider the following:

  • Which aspects of student learning have students been most successful in attaining?
  • Where have students had the most challenges?
  • Which online strategies have been effective?
  • Which online strategies could be revised?

Assessment processes are as, if not more, important than in the past and need to be maintained. The Office of Assessment continues to be a resource for assisting faculty with implementing effective practices for assessing student learning. Please contact the office at assessment@k-state.edu for consultation in taking advantage of our resources.