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K-State Today

December 18, 2012

Registration and invitation to submit a Rapid Fire presentation at K-State's Spring Teaching Workshop

Submitted by Kim Williams

With the fall semester winding down, K-State's Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence invites you to look forward to re-energizing your teaching in spring 2013 by registering for the Spring Teaching Workshop on Feb. 1-2, 2013.  The program features keynote presenter Todd Zakrajsek, Rapid Fire presentation rounds, and remarks by Coach Bill Snyder. Registration is open until January 25, 2013.

We are seeking K-State presenters to share effective strategies from their classroom that others can take away with them and apply almost immediately to their own classes in a Rapid Fire-style presentation. What is a Rapid Fire presentation? Glad that you're wondering! This presentation style has become a popular means of succinctly sharing ideas in an about five-minute presentation and has a number of names with slight variations in format, including Pechu Kucha and Ignite Talk. Check out resources to create a Rapid Fire talk as well as ideas that might inspire a talk of your own at the Spring Teaching Workshop. If you would like to participate as a presenter, please send your name, department, and the title of your topic to Kim Williams by Jan. 16, 2013. 

Don't miss out on participating in the Spring Teaching Workshop — it is a great chance to learn from a nationally renowned presenter and gain some new teaching ideas just as the spring semester begins!

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