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February 19, 2020

Kansas Board of Regents February meeting agenda items

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

The Kansas Board of Regents will meet Feb. 19 and 20 at the Curtis State Office Building in Topeka. The board will consider the following agenda items related to Kansas State University during the meeting.

Consent agenda

The Regents will act on performance reports for the 2018 academic year. Institutions negotiate new performance agreements based on Foresight 2020 with the board on a three-year cycle. Each institution developed indicators that supported Foresight 2020 and established a baseline for each indicator. To be eligible for any new funding appropriated, each institution must submit an annual report updating the Regents on its progress toward meeting each performance agreement indicator. K-State qualifies for 100 percent of any new funding for which it is eligible because the university maintained the baseline or improved from the baseline in at least four indicators.

The Regents will approve Kansas State University's request to raze the swine gestation/breeding barn at the Swine Research Center. The barn has outlasted the typical lifespan of swine buildings and cannot be updated to meet current and future teaching and research needs. Following demolition, the building site will be used for the construction of a new farrowing barn.

Discussion agenda

Blake Flanders, president and chief executive officer at the Kansas Board of Regents, will present the final Foresight 2020 progress report, which will analyze progress toward the board's strategic goals of attainment, economic alignment and university excellence. An overview of the board's new strategic plan will also be presented.

The Regents will receive information on a predictive model for Kansas high school graduates.

If approved by the Council of Presidents, the Regents will act on the student health insurance benefits and premium rates for plan year 2020-2021. The Student Insurance Advisory Committee recommends benefit changes be made to keep the premium as low possible to ensure coverage is affordable for students. The deductible for voluntary plan students and their dependents will increase from $500 to $1,000. The annual premium rate will be $3,543, which is a decrease of $100 from the prior plan. The deductible for all other students will remain at $500 and the annual premium rate will be $2,260, which is an increase of $488 from the prior plan year.

The Regents will receive enrollment data on the current academic programs offered by each state university.

Kansas State University requests approval to charge a reduced out-of-state tuition rate that is 150% of the resident tuition rate to full-time domestic undergraduate students from Michigan. The proposal will allow the university to continue to offer reduced tuition to qualifying students from Michigan following Michigan's withdrawal from the Midwest Student Exchange Program. The rate will be effective fall 2021 and available to student pursuing any undergraduate major. The initial eligibility criteria will be a 3.25 overall high school GPA and a composite score of 22 on the ACT — 1100 SAT — for first-time full-time freshmen and a 3.25 college GPA for new transfer students.

The Regents will receive a legislative update from Matt Casey, director of government relations at the Kansas Board of Regents.

Agendas and complete meeting minutes are available online. For live updates on all Kansas Board of Regents meetings, follow @ksregents on Twitter.