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K-State Today

November 29, 2012

Women of K-State Wildcat for the Wildcat March Exhibition

Submitted by Women of K-State Leadership Committee

The Women of K-State Leadership Committee is working to help remind all of campus about the impact and importance of women in the past, present and future of K-State.

We need your help! We want to have a Women of K-State Wildcat for the Wildcat March Exhibition. The cost of a wildcat is $7,500. If each woman staff or faculty member gives $5, we’ll reach this goal. This amount supports scholarships as well as the artist to develop a Women of K-State theme. You can collect money from your colleagues in your organization or department — just keep track of each name — and submit it as a group.

Any donation will help and can make our sponsorship a reality. Our deadline is approaching quickly — Nov. 30 is the final deadline to have your name included on list.

Please either drop the donations by the president’s office or send donations to:
Shelly Broccolo
Office of the President
110 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Please make checks payable to the KSU Foundation, and all donations will count toward the All University Campaign.

Thanks for your help in getting the women of K-State’s past, present and future recognized for the 150th anniversary of our great university, www.ksu.edu/150.

If you have any questions, please let Shelly or me know.


Noel Schulz, K-State First Lady