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November 29, 2012

K-State Speech Forum Nov. 29

Submitted by Travis Smith

The six students were selected to present their campus issue speeches by their peers. This event is a platform for students to showcase their research, speech creation and delivery skills in an effort to address problems and provide solutions that could benefit our university and community.

Here are the students, their respective majors and their speech titles in the order in which they will present:

  1. Ryan Ackerman, senior in finance, "Defenseless: Allowing Conceal Carry on Campus."
  2. Mercedes Perry, junior in human resources and American ethnic studies, "University Enrichment: Creating a Multicultural Center on Campus."
  3. Blair DeBord, senior in marketing, "Beer and Baseball: Creating a Beer Garden a Tointon Family Stadium."
  4. Jess Wood, senior in marketing, "Don't Be Fooled: Property Management Companies are Bilking Students."
  5. Jim Woods, senior in communication studies, relational communication, "The Wheels of the Bus . . .: ATA Bus Service Expansion."
  6. Azsha Thompson, senior in business management and human resources, "Left Behind: Providing All Classrooms with More Left-handed Desks."

The speech forum is free and open to the public.