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October 28, 2019

KSUnite breakout sessions: Inclusivity

Submitted by KSUnite Planning Team

According to "Diversity's Promise for Higher Education" by Daryl Smith, originally published in 2009, "For individuals and groups in an increasingly pluralistic society, being able to work in alliances across identity groups, disciplines, and status in the institution in the service of the institutional success, engaging issues of justice, working with communities, or serving the needs of particular groups and individuals will only increase in significance. Alliances that invariably include multiple identities and the intersections of identities require significant skills and commitment on the part of their members."

As part KSUnite: Moving Forward Together on Wednesday, Nov. 6, two breakout sessions will focus on inclusivity. 

For more information regarding KSUnite, including detailed schedule, speaker biographies and FAQs, visit ksu.edu/KSUnite.