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October 24, 2019

Budget Model Review Panel subgroup to study facilities, administration revenue distribution

Submitted by Richard Myers

Dear faculty and staff,

The university's new budget model focuses on the distribution of our state funding and tuition revenue. Another important revenue source for a research university is the Sponsored Research Overhead — also called Facilities and Administration, or F&A, revenue.

When the budget modernization project was first implemented two years ago, Vice President for Research Peter Dorhout had undertaken an initiative to review our F&A revenue distribution model. In an effort to focus campus efforts on the budget modernization project, any adjustments to the F&A distribution model were placed on hold. 

As we move further into the phased implementation of our budget model, it is time to consider how to align F&A revenue with the model. After consultation with the Core Executive Team and Peter Dorhout, we have convened a subgroup of the Budget Model Review Panel, along with other members of the campus community, to explore this question. Peter Dorhout and Eric Higgins, associate dean of the College of Business Administration — both members of the Budget Model Review Panel — will co-chair the Facilities and Administration Revenue Distribution subgroup.

Additional members include Gregg Hadley, director for extension, and Tanya Gonzalez, professor of English, both of whom serve on the Budget Model Review Panel; Mandy Cole, director of the Administrative Support Center, and Brad Behnke, professor of kinesiology, both of whom served on the Research Support Cost Pool Team during the budget model's design phase; Bonnie Rush, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine; and Mo Hosni, the Charles and Nona Frankenhoff chair in engineering. Rebecca Zecha, associate director of the Budget Office, will be the ex-officio member.

This subgroup is charged with researching approaches for F&A distribution processes at peer institutions, determining how F&A distribution fits within our new budget model, and providing a set of possible options for F&A distribution at K-State. 

The group will follow the same guiding principles that underlie the new budget model and there will be opportunities for the campus community to provide input throughout this process. The F&A distribution subgroup will follow a process similar to the development of the budget model, with a discovery phase taking place from October to December of 2019 and a design phase taking place from January to March of 2020. Recommendations will be presented to the budget model planning team in April 2020 and the core executive team will finalize their decisions by June 2020. 

Thank you to the members of the subgroup for working on this important task. Please watch K-State Today for opportunities to provide input throughout this process.


Richard B. Myers

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