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K-State Today

September 21, 2012

Distance education giveaway website relaunched

Submitted by Rosanna Vail

The K-State Division of Continuing Education has relaunched its distance education giveaway website and is now providing new, downloadable items for K-Staters, kids, co-workers, friends and all K-State sports fans.

Initially made public in 2007, the website was developed to offer distance-accessible K-State items to individuals developing an interest in K-State’s distance education opportunities, as well as those who had graduated and were considering the university’s professional development options. It also served as a tool to increase K-State’s presence through viral marketing.

Now the site is back and has been completely redesigned, making it more aesthetically appealing and content-packed for viewers. In addition, the overall functionality of the site has been improved, allowing users to more easily navigate its various products and links.

The giveaway website is accessible and free for all who wish to show their Wildcat pride and support. A few featured items include downloadable desktop wallpapers and calendars; printable posters; and coloring pages for children. As an added bonus, all visitors are encouraged to suggest their own ideas for new content. They may discover that their submissions have been developed into products, as new contributions to the site will be periodically uploaded.

In addition to the free content, the giveaway website also provides links to other pages within the Division of Continuing Education such as distance education and the Wildcat success road map.

Visit the giveaway website at www.dce.k-state.edu/giveaways/.