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October 18, 2018

K-State Alerts fall test feedback, additional safety information

Submitted by Michael Bear

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the Sept. 20 K-State Alerts test. Your comments help us evaluate the effectiveness of the system and identify areas of possible improvement. Based on feedback from the fall test, here is a list of requested additional safety information:

Notification options

Several people expressed they wanted text messages in addition to an email notification. Currently, K-State Alerts is an opt-in system. This means if you want to receive notifications beyond email — texts and phone calls — you need to enable these options in your K-State Alerts profile. K-Staters can modify their settings at the K-State Connect website. Simply log in and select the "Manage K-State Alerts" tab.

Alertus beacons

Several respondents said the Alertus beacon in their building either did not sound or was very difficult to hear. Some of these occurrences are from adjustments that were made to the testing volume. For instance, at the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Alertus beacons test alarm volume was lowered, as the loud noise stresses many of the animals. Additionally, the test alarms were silenced at the Unger Complex testing center so they would not disturb examinations. In the event of an actual emergency, these Alertus beacons would sound at full volume. Other beacons that were reported not to have sounded are being inspected and repaired.

Remember: The Alertus beacons are solely for notification purposes and are not capable of two-way communication. If you need to report an emergency situation call 911, call the K-State Police Department at 785-532-6412 or use the LiveSafe app.

Digital signage

Another finding of the Sept. 20 test was that a number of digital signs on campus did not display the test message. This situation is being investigated and fixed.

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