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August 30, 2012

2012 Beloit College 'Mindset List' identifies worldview of college freshmen

Submitted by Betsy Edwards

The "Mindset List" has been published annually since 1998 by Beloit College in Wis. It aims to identify the worldview of 18-year-olds arriving at colleges across the country. The list is an eclectic and faintly nostalgic mix of cultural contexts for most new college students born in 1994.

According to Beloit College, this year's entering college class of 2016 was born into cyberspace and they have therefore measured their output in the fundamental particles of life: bits, bytes and bauds. They have come to political consciousness during a time of increasing doubts about America's future and are entering college bombarded by questions about jobs and the value of a college degree."

Technology-related views this year for incoming freshmen include:

  • They have always lived in cyberspace, addicted to a new generation of "electronic narcotics."
  • They watch television everywhere but on a television.
  • A significant percentage of them will enter college already displaying some hearing loss.

The full article in the IT News blog has more technology views from the list, plus links to Mindset List resources online.