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May 11, 2018

Electrical upgrade for Campus Creek Complex, Chemistry/Biochemistry Building to begin May 14

Submitted by Jack Carlson

An excavation project to connect new electrical power to the Campus Creek Complex and Chemistry/Biochemistry Building will begin May 14. The plan is to remove and replace the south curb of Campus Creek Road as the new electrical component is installed.

Traffic through Campus Creek Road will remain open during work but reduced to one narrow lane. We encourage using an alternate route or please use caution when passing through the construction zone. Delays can be expected due to the nature of this excavation. Work is scheduled to be complete June 22. Electrical power switchovers for the Campus Creek Complex and Chemistry/Biochemistry Building will occur and be pre-planned at a later date.

With this excavation comes traffic and parking issues. View a map of the construction route with traffic and parking impact dates.

This particular excavation route will be staged in phases to minimize the traffic and parking impact.

Phase 1: The exit drive leading northwest out of parking lot A5 will be closed beginning May 17 and reopen for traffic May 21.

Phase 2: June 4 — excavators need to install an underground electrical vault to service the Campus Creek Complex causing the reversal of traffic flow to utilize the southwest driveway as the only entrance into parking lot A5. This installation is scheduled reopen for parking and traffic June 18.

Phase 3: Construction for the electrical component to serve Chemistry/Biochemistry Building will cut across Bayberry Lane. Closing Bayberry Lane will block all inbound traffic to parking lots A5, A6 and A8. Contractors plan to begin at 6 p.m. Friday, June 8, and work all weekend to reopen Bayberry Lane the following Monday, June 11.

Phase 4: Continue onto Chemistry/Biochemistry Building temporarily and partially closing parking lot A8, the chemical storage dock, and temporarily blocking the nitrogen tank. This work will begin June 8 and be completed June 25. The contractor will coordinate and work with K-State for deliveries.

We appreciate everyone's patience.