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July 17, 2012

FERPA online self-assessment now available

Submitted by Office of the Registrar

The office of the registrar has developed a short FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 – self-assessment that can be completed online in approximately 15 minutes.  

Knowledge of FERPA is required for all faculty, staff and student employees accessing student data as part of their work duties. This self-assessment will employ a broad range of real-life situations that have been and can still be encountered by faculty and staff in the course of their duties. Since FERPA is a federal law that is directly applicable to educational institutions, it is in the best interests of faculty and staff to be aware of the typical, everyday situations that can have FERPA implications.

The self-assessment may be accessed online.

The self-assessment includes 14 questions. The correct answer is displayed after you make a selection for each question. Satisfactory completion of this assessment does not require that you answer a specific number of questions correctly. However, it is important to read the correct answers and any accompanying explanations. This component serves as a teaching/training tool.

It is designed to be able to click through quickly but the questions/answers are sufficient to compel thought and perhaps provoke additional questions, which may be directed to the office of the registrar, registrar@k-state.edu. You may also request in-depth training for your college or department. To assist in appropriate routing of any questions or training requests, please include FERPA self-assessment in the subject line of your email.

The self-assessment will remain open for a year. However, we strongly encourage faculty, staff and both graduate and undergraduate student employees dealing with student data to complete it as soon as possible in order to be informed and forearmed prior to encountering any FERPA-related situation.

Completion of this self-assessment will be noted on your Human Resources Training Summary within HRIS. Please note that no grade or score is saved or reported.

Please visit the registrar’s office FERPA information either before or after completing the assessment for additional information about FERPA at Kansas State University.