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April 9, 2018

Kansas State University promotes 82 faculty members, 47 receive tenure

Submitted by April Mason

Eighty-two Kansas State University faculty members are receiving promotions in rank, while 47 faculty members are earning tenure.

The promotions include 34 faculty members to the rank of full professor, 45 faculty members to the rank of associate professor with tenure, one member to the rank of associate professor, two members receiving tenure and two members to the rank of clinical associate professor.

"Each of our new tenured and promoted faculty members have made significant contributions through their teaching, scholarly endeavors and service to their departments, college, our university and their professions. We celebrate these outstanding achievements with them," said April Mason, provost and senior vice president. 

Earning promotion to full professor: Dustin Pendell, agricultural economics; Johnathon Holman, agronomy; Dorivar Ruiz Diaz, agronomy; Jennifer Bormann, animal sciences and industry; Justin Waggoner, animal sciences and industry; Jason Ellis, communication and agricultural education; Cathie Lavis, horticulture and natural resources; Sunghun Park, horticulture and natural resources; Jason Scuilla, art; Mark Ungerer, biology; Christopher Culbertson, chemistry; Peri da Silva, economics; Dan Hoyt, English; Shawn Hutchinson, geography; Kendra McLauchlan, geography; Gerald Hoehn, mathematics; Craig Spencer, mathematics; Victor Turchin, mathematics; Maria Teresa DePaoli, modern languages; Bret Flanders, physics; Yurii Maravin, physics; Sam Bell, political science; Don Krutz, sociology, anthropology and social work; Matthew Sanderson, sociology, anthropology, and social work; Michael Wesch, sociology, anthropology and social work; Susan Williams, sociology, anthropology and social work; Weixing Song, statistics; Amy Hageman, accounting; Kakali Bhattacharya, educational leadership; Todd Goodson, curriculum and instruction; Doina Caragea, computer science; Tandalayo Kidd, food, nutrition, dietetics and health; Junehee Kwon, hospitality management; and Masaaki Tamura, anatomy and physiology.

Gaea Hock, communication and agricultural education, has earned promotion to associate professor.

Earning tenure and promotion to associate professor: Aleksan Shanoyan, agricultural economics; Elizabeth Yeager, agricultural economics; Lucas Haag, agronomy; Geoffrey Morris, agronomy; Augustine Obour, agronomy; Peter Tomlinson, agronomy; Luis Mendonca, animal sciences and industry; Eleni Pliakoni, horticulture and natural resources; Hyung Jin Kim, landscape architecture and regional & community planning; Dukno Yoon, art; Bradley Olson, biology; Michael Veeman, biology; Yoon-Jin Lee, economics; Traci Brimhall, English; Joel Spencer, geology; Matthew Kirk, geology; Andrew Orr, history; Gabriel Kerr, mathematics; Anna Zemlyanova, mathematics; Sara Luly, modern languages; Li Yang, modern languages; Nathaniel Birkhead, political science; Michael Flynn, political science; Jennifer Davis, sociology, anthropology and social work; Wei-Wen Hsu, statistics; Perla Reyes, statistics; Christopher Vahl, statistics; Shuang Zhu, finance; Edward Nowlin, marketing; Donna Augustine-Shaw, educational leadership; Robert Hachiya, educational leadership; Kerry Priest, educational leadership; J. Spencer Clark, curriculum and instruction; Placidus Amama, chemical engineering; Amy Betz, mechanical and nuclear engineering; Hitesh Bindra, mechanical and nuclear engineering; Jessica Heier Stamm, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering; Punit Prakash, electrical and computer engineering; Aleksey Sheskukov, biological and agricultural engineering; Lisa Wilken, biological and agricultural engineering; Bryan Orthel, apparel, textiles and interior design; Emily Mailey, kinesiology; David Eshar, clinical sciences; Jessica Meekins, clinical sciences; and Becky DeGreeff, School of Integrated Studies.

Ellyn Mulcahy and Weiping Zhang, both from diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, earned tenure.

Kelli Almes and Brian Lubbers both from diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, earned promotions to clinical associate professor.

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