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November 3, 2011

Beyond the classroom: Exhibition draws on talents of art faculty

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

The artistic talents of 23 Kansas State University department of art faculty and staff members will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the university's Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art.

The "2011 K-State Department of Art Faculty Biennial" exhibition opens Friday, Nov. 11, at the Beach Museum of Art. The exhibition, which is free and open to the public, runs through March 16, 2012.

"This gives students and other members of the university community, as well as visitors from Manhattan and beyond, an opportunity to experience the unique, expressive language developed by each artist," said Linda Duke, director of the Beach Museum of Art.

"Many of us know these faculty members as committed educators and mentors, but the art faculty biennial puts us face-to-face with the creativity that is at the center of the artistic practice of each one of them," she said.

K-State's art faculty and staff selected their best work created within the past two years to be included in the exhibition. These works represent many techniques across several disciplines, including ceramics, painting, photography, drawing, digital graphics and more.

This large range demonstrates the various talents of the university's diverse art faculty, said Gerry Craig, head of the department of art.

"It helps students understand how complex and nuanced work can develop from the same techniques their professors are teaching them after years of focused attention that refines conceptual and technical ability," Craig said. "There is also so much for the larger community to appreciate, as many new faculty have been hired in the past few years. Each has wonderful art that will be a new experience for viewers."

In addition to the exhibition, art faculty members will present three lectures throughout the 2012 spring semester at the Beach Museum of Art. The lectures will discuss the process and passion behind the creation of their works.

Art faculty and staff and their works in the exhibition include:

Lynda Andrus, professor, "My Brother’s Room" and "Patterns of Play"; Heather Bayless, instructor, "Unum Motem"; Dylan Beck, assistant professor, "Microwave Safe" and "Normal Field Instability"; Kevin Bernstein, assistant professor, "Crustose" and "Matrix III"; Geraldine Craig, associate professor, "Root Nerve"; Marvin Gould, instructor, "Rush to Judgment"; Daniel Hunt, associate professor, "Homeland Security…Or Three Shall be the Count"; Yoshiro Ikeda, university distinguished professor, "Hotaru (Fireflies)" and "Energy"; Shreepad Joglekar, assistant professor, "Law Office" and "Reconfigurations"; Kathi Mayfield, instructor, "Nuclear Sushi" and "Fukushima Phosphorescent"; Mike McMann, assistant professor, "Pick Your Plan (Fairfield)" and "Green Hills No. 1"; Nancy Morrow, associate professor, "Almost Cured" and "Dive"; Duane Noblett, professor, "Construct Series 14-8," "Construct Series 15-7" and "Construct Series 16-9"; Mervi Pakaste, assistant professor, "SOS" and "Urban Dictionary Series (Ass, Owl Cock)"; Elliott Pujol, professor, "Have Bench Pin, Will Travel" and "Elliptical"; Marrin Robinson, academic adviser, "Out of Chrysalis," "Rising Tide" and "At the Edge of the Land"; Teresa Tempero Schmidt, professor, "Portal Series No. 24," "Land and Sea" and "Portal Series No. 71, Untitled"; Jason Scuilla, assistant professor, "Arto Fantasma (Phantom Limb)" "Io Lo Vidi (I Saw This)" and "Veduta"; Gene Sievers, lab educational technician, "Porcelain Bowl"; Nelson Smith, instructor, "Distillation" (remix of Birger Sandzen's "Still Water," 1926), "Sleep Thought Intersect" (remix of Alexandre Hogue’s Pulliam "Ridge, Chisos Mountains," 1980) and "Fault Lines: Depressurized Balancing Tremble"; Dan Warner, assistant professor, "Waterborne" and "Biodiversity"; Erin Wiersma, assistant professor, "6.6.2011 10 p.m." and "8.14.2011"; and Dukno Yoon, visiting assistant professor, "Constrained Wings."

The Beach Museum of Art is on the southeast corner of the K-State campus at 14th Street and Anderson Avenue. Free visitor parking is available next to the building. Normal museum hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays. The museum is closed Mondays. For more information, call 785-532-7718.