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K-State Today

June 30, 2017

Changes in class attendance policy for total solar eclipse

Submitted by Provost and Senior Vice President April Mason

Faculty, Staff and Students:

Due to a rare natural event, a total eclipse of the sun on Monday, Aug. 21, Kansas State University has modified the class attendance policy for that one day.

The Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures, or CAPP, has requested a temporary suspension of university class attendance policy that otherwise penalizes students for missing the first day of class of the semester.

At its Feb. 8 meeting, CAPP voted unanimously to suspend Kansas State University's pertinent attendance policy at F64.3. CAPP minutes state, "Students cannot be dropped for missing class on Monday, Aug. 21." I have accepted this recommendation.

The attendance policy will resume on Tuesday, Aug. 22. The temporary ad hoc policy change enacted by CAPP will not affect any other university policies or deadlines.

According to the university's Office of Student Financial Assistance, there will be no adverse effect on student aid if a student chooses to watch the eclipse instead of attend her/his scheduled courses on Monday, Aug. 21, the day of the eclipse – provided she/he continues to attend/participate in course work subsequently.

I ask members of the university community to accommodate students who are participating in sanctioned total solar eclipse learning activities, and, in particular, to abide by CAPP’s temporary suspension of F64.3.

Thanks for all you do!

April Mason
Provost and Senior Vice President