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Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Steve Dandaneau
103 Leadership Studies
Manhattan, KS 66506


Minutes of February 8, 2017

401 Hale Library

Members Present

Shannon Washburn (AG), Lisa Last (AR), Alison Wheatley (AS), Bente Janda (BA), David Griffin (ED), Diane Murphy (ED), Andy Fund (EN), Karen Pence (HE), Peggy Schmidt (VM), Scott Schlender (GS), Duane Dunn (GC), Monty Nielsen (REG), Susan Cooper (REG), Dana Reinert (via Zoom) (FS/AA), Molly McGaughey (ADM), Betsy Draper (ITS),  Heather Reed (OSL), Stephanie Bannister (EPDP)

Call to Order

10:35 a.m. in 401 Hale by Alison Wheatley, chair.


The agenda was approved as presented. 


January 11, 2017 meeting minutes were approved as distributed. 


Andy Fund was introduced as the new Assistant Dean in the College of Engineering.  

Old Business

Resolution regarding total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 (Wheatley for Dandaneau)

Provost Mason's response to the Faculty Senate resolution regarding the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 included a request for CAPP to ". . . suspend the policy of dropping students who do not attend the first day of classes for this day only. The policy will go back in pace for the second day of classes."

The policy published in the University Handbook was reviewed and concerns were discussed.

F64.3 An instructor may drop a student from any or all components (e.g. lecture, recitation, lab, etc.) of a course if the student is absent at the beginning of the first class period of any component of the course. Students who cannot be in attendance should arrange prior permission from the instructor in order to avoid being dropped.
For purposes of this procedure, enrollment in and payment of fees for a course do not constitute sufficient notification of intent to take a course.

Andy Fund made the following motion.
Students cannot be dropped for missing class on Monday, August 21, 2017. The attendance policy (University Handbook section F64.3) will resume on Tuesday, August 22, 2017. This change will not affect any other university policies or deadlines.

Motion was seconded by Monty Nielsen and carried.

CAPP chair Alison Wheatley will send copy of the approved motion to Provost Mason for campus notification, and to FS Academic Affairs Committee for information only.

New Business

Non-Standard Class Meeting Time (Janda)

Bente Janda moved approval of a non-standard class meeting time request for MKTG 542 (3) Fundamentals of Professional Selling. Motion seconded by David Griffith and carried.

Application improvements for transgender students (McGaughey)

Molly McGaughey distributed an update on modifications to the undergraduate admissions application designed to improve the experience of transgendered students. Refinements will continue. Data collected will be stored in a secure table not displayed I KSIS.

Modifications to Incomplete policy (Pence)

Karen Pence presented draft materials developed by a CAPP subcommittee (Cooper, Neilsen, Pence, and Washburn) that outline possible modifications for the University policy on "incomplete" grades. CAPP members were asked to review the proposed changes for discussion at the next CAPP meeting.

GPA (cumulative and major) and retakes (Reinert)

Dana Reinert reported on an issue raised by a faculty member regarding the DARS calculation of GPA for "major courses." DARS computes GPA on major courses applied to the degree. Failed courses do not apply to the degree, so are not included. The faculty member wants a "major courses" GPA that includes ALL grades, including failed grades, for courses in major area. This can be accomplished with modification of the DARS set-up, as has been done for other programs.

Standing Reports

Academic Affairs/Faculty Senate (Reinert)

Dana Reinert reported that course and curriculum proposals were approved. A committee will work on a process for University Honors Program course and curriculum approvals prior to addressing the UHP prefix request. Enhancing course evaluations is being discussed. The Graduate School is working on definitions for graduate teaching assistants, graduate research assistants, and graduate assistants. Discussion is beginning about contractual market-based education. Discussion about approving new course prefixes – should expedited or non-expedited process be used? The committee learned about Curriculog.

Admissions (McGaughey)

No report.

Financial Aid (Gamez)

No report.

Registrar (Nielsen)

No report.

Provost's Office (Dandaneau)

No report.

Global Campus (Dunn)

Duane Dunn commented on market based tuition.

Educational & Personal Development (Bannister)

Stephanie Bannister reported on Testing Center changes and challenges. Application for McNair Scholars will open soon.

New Student Services (Lehning)

No report

Office of Student Life (Reed)

No report

Information Technology (Draper)

Betsy Draper reported that Joe Lear is leaving K-State. Betsy will cover security pending completion of a search and hire. There is an internal search to cover server responsibilities. January ended with 333 compromised accounts; first week of February has had 54.


Question was asked about the status of the project to review and define course components. The information is needed for Curriculog. Alison will check on progress.

Next Meeting

March 8, 2017.

Karen Pence, secretary