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K-State Today

April 30, 2012

University faculty receive sabbatical leave

Submitted by Melissa Linenberger

Sabbatical leaves have been granted to 31 Kansas State University faculty members for the 2012-2013 school year. The purposes of sabbatical leaves are for faculty members to pursue advanced study, conduct research, or secure appropriate industrial or professional experience. The lengths of the leave vary.

Faculty members that have been approved for sabbatical leave include:

Yang-Ming Chang, professor of economics; Rollie J. Clem, associate professor of biology; Gary Coates, professor of architecture; Robert Condia, professor of architecture; Timothy Dayton, professor of English; Slawomir Dobrzanski, associate professor of music; Brett Esry, university distinguished professor of physics; Jack Fry, professor of horticulture, forestry and recreational resources; Tanya Gonzalez, associate professor of English; David Graff, associate professor of history; James Hamilton, professor of philosophy; Allan Hastings, professor of interior architecture and product design; Donald Hedrick, professor of English; Gerald Hoehn, associate professor of mathematics; Derek Hoff, assistant professor of history; Ryszard Jankowiak, professor of chemistry.

Daniel Kahl, associate specialist of agriculture and natural resources; Michael Kanost, university distinguished professor of biochemistry; Sara Kearns, associate professor of undergraduate and community services, K-State Libraries; Jeong-Hee Kim, associate professor of curriculum and instruction; Chii-Dong Lin, university distinguished professor of physics; Heather McCrea, associate professor of history; J.P. Michaud, associate professor of entomology, Agriculture Research Center in Hays; Gerad Middendorf, associate professor of sociology, anthropology and social work; Donald Mrozek, professor of history; A. Lorena Passarelli, associate professor of biology; Bimal Paul, professor of geography; Pietro Poggi-Corradini, professor of mathematics; Jaebeom Suh, associate professor of marketing; Mark Ungerer, associate professor of biology; and Haiyan Wang, associate professor of statistics.