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May 23, 2017

Learning Quest savings option available to K-State employees

Submitted by Human Capital Services - Benefits

Do you dream of your child going to college, trade school, vocational school or other postsecondary education and receiving a great education? Good news! A Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Plan can help. All funds contributed can be used at any eligible school around the country and abroad.

Kansas State University offers a Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Plan through American Century Investments. This plan helps employees invest for the expenses of a higher education by offering tax-deferred earnings growth and potentially reduced taxes on withdrawals. Contributions are after-tax dollars up to the individual maximum for the named beneficiary. The university makes it easy to contribute to this plan through payroll deduction. If you would like to start a Learning Quest 529 Plan, please complete the enrollment form. Once completed, please follow the instructions to mail the form to Learning Quest.

The funds you contribute can be used to pay for more than just tuition. They also can pay for fees, books, computers, required supplies and equipment, and room and board at any qualified educational institution in the U.S.

Did you know that anyone can make contributions to an existing Learning Quest account, not just the account owner? It's easy for family members and friends to help you invest for a child's college education. Visit Learning Quest to learn more.

Find additional information on the benefits webpage, or contact the benefits team at benefits@k-state.edu with any questions.