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April 26, 2017

From the VP for administration and finance: 2018 City University Project Fund projects

Submitted by Cindy Bontrager

Dear faculty, staff and students,

The Manhattan City Commission voted to approve the 2018 City University Project Fund requests on April 18. The City University fund was established in 1994 to provide resources for projects deemed to be of mutual benefit to the community and Kansas State University. The fund is financed through the collection of sales tax and franchise fees generated on campus.

The approval by the city commission is the culmination of several months of work to solicit project ideas from various campus groups and city administration. The projects were vetted through the President's Cabinet and the City University Projects Fund Committee, which comprises nine members representing multiple constituencies from the university and the community. The projects deemed feasible and of mutual benefit were recommended for the city commission's consideration.

Provided below is a brief summary of the eight approved projects. You may view the entire request document on the budget office website.

Calendar year 2018 projects:

• North Manhattan Avenue improvements: Construct curb and gutter, storm sewer, sidewalk, grading, retaining wall, signal and road improvements to North Manhattan Avenue adjacent to K-State Research Park. Third of three-year request — $200,000.

• Southeast campus corner lighted path: Install crushed stone pathway through the southeast corner of campus adjacent to Aggieville. No sidewalk currently exists for visitors who utilize the parking lots adjacent to the Beach Art Museum and pedestrians are often forced to walk in the roadway. The project also will add lighting along the path to brighten the area. One year request — $100,000.

• Increase blue light infrastructure: Install five blue light emergency phone poles in three areas of campus that currently have limited availability to this service. Designated areas are near the President's Residence, Weber Hall, the International Student Center, Edwards Hall and the tennis courts at the Rec Complex. One year request — $75,000. 

• Lovers Lane sidewalk extension: Install sidewalk on the south side of Lovers Lane near the President's Residence to Mid-Campus Drive. Pedestrian traffic in this area has increased due to the new College of Business Building and pedestrians often walk in the roadway when walking to Mid-Campus Drive. One year request — $80,000. 

• North campus gardens lighting improvements: Install lighting improvements to the Conservatory Garden north of the Kansas State University Gardens visitor's center to brighten the area. One year request — $76,000. 

• Increase campus bicycle infrastructure: Add additional bicycle parking infrastructure on campus to promote utilization of bikes and ease congested parking areas. The commission voted to uphold the City University Projects Fund Committee recommendation not to allot $2,000 of this request to Green Apple Bikes for the purchase and installation of trackers on their bicycle fleet. One year request — $39,000. 

• North Campus Corridor improvements: Assist the city in the planning for multiple pedestrian, traffic control and infrastructure/streetscape improvements along the North Campus Corridor — Kimball Avenue from College Avenue to North Manhattan Avenue. This corridor is anticipated to experience significant growth due to the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility and increased research efforts. One year request — $150,000. 

• Colbert Hills special assessment support: Assist in payment of special assessment tax funding associated with the construction of Grand Mere Parkway. Third of three-year request — $30,000. 

Thanks to Ethan Erickson, assistant vice president for budget planning, for coordinating the City University request each year. If you have any questions, please contact Ethan at eerickson@k-state.edu or me at cab@k-state.edu


Cindy Bontrager
Vice president for administration and finance

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