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K-State Today

April 5, 2012

English language program faculty presents at international conference

Submitted by Mary Wood

Administrators and faculty from the English Language Program presented at TESOL, an international conference for Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language, in Philadelphia, March 28-30.

Beverley Earles, associate director, presented on a panel titled "Strategies to Monitor and Improve IEP Quality of Service" along with representatives from University of North Texas, University of Oregon, and University of California-Irvine. Earles’ presentation focused on quality assurance through outreach to campus departments and offices.

Christina Kitson, instructor, presented in the Electronic Village fair on "Inference Using Google Search Story."

Jenell Williams, lab director, and Lina Metlevskiene, teaching assistant, presented on "Strategies for Helping International Students Succeed on Online Learning Environments." The presentation was an outgrowth of a pilot for a new class for English language program students, Digital English.

Mary Wood, director, conducted a two-hour workshop, "UCIEP at TESOL," which focused on professional development for associate and assistant directors. Forty-seven people from 37 intensive English programs participated.

Abby Franchitti, assessment and curriculum director, is the new associate chair-elect of the TESOL Higher Education interest section. Franchitti also served as a reviewer and mentor at the pre-conference doctoral forum.

Five other members of the English language program faculty and administration attended the conference.