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July 27, 2016

K-State hospitality management graduate student and faculty member receive best paper award

Submitted by Jichul Jang

Juhyun Kang, first-year K-State doctoral student, and Jichul Jang, assistant professor of hospitality management, won a best paper award at the 2016 Academy of Global Hospitality and Tourism Conference for their paper, "Linking role stressors to service-oriented OCB on the hotel industry: The moderating role of social capital." The conference was May 20-23 in Seoul, South Korea. 

It is so common that front-line employees in the hotel industry have experienced various role stressors — e.g., role conflict and role ambiguity — from customers, colleagues, managers and these various stressors can lead to burnout. Despite being so common, many managers aren't aware of why burnout happens. Understanding burnout, its cause and coping strategy is important to enhance positive work environment.

This study was designed to examine social capital as a moderator for reducing the negative impact of role stressors on service-oriented organizational citizenship behaviors in the hotel industry.