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May 11, 2016

Kansas State climatologist to talk about climate change and crops

Submitted by John Ruberson

Xiaomao Lin, state climatologist for Kansas and assistant professor of agricultural climatology in the agronomy department, will present the seminar, "Kansas Climate, Climate Change, and Crop Responses," at 10 a.m. Friday, May 13, in 207 K-State Student Union for the final meeting of the K-State Climate Change Group for the academic year. 

Kansas is in the central Great Plains, straddling the transition from relatively abundant precipitation — more than 42 inches annually — in the southeast, which supports forests and dryland agriculture, to semi-arid conditions — less than 20 inches of annual rainfall — in the west.

Annual mean temperatures in Kansas can swing from 59 F or 14.9 C, hottest year in 2012 — to 52 F or 11.3C, coldest year in 1912.

Not only does Kansas have distinct climates, but Kansas climate change also will significantly impact Kansas citizens and producers.

This talk will introduce the climatology of Kansas, 30-year averages, climate changes observed over the last 121 years, 1895 to 2015, and climate impacts for crop production.