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February 29, 2016

America Saves Week: Keep moving forward

Submitted by Human Capital Services - Benefits

America Saves Week was Feb. 22-26. However, you can keep focusing on your financial goals all year long.

The first step to saving is often budgeting. Use a budgeting template or online budgeting resource such as Mint.com or Level Money to help you get started on a budget. Every little bit counts. After you complete your budget, save any extra dollars in an interest bearing account. Compound interest can help small amounts of money grow to much more over time.

Saving for retirement or other financial goals often is about discipline and a commitment to your desired lifestyle. Once you set your budget, look for ways to generate savings in everyday expenses. Be diligent and use those small savings to help you reach your financial goals.

Want more information and tools to assist with your personal financial wellness? Guidance Resources is a free resource to all benefit eligible K-State employees. The resource has articles, videos, webinars and digital tools to assist with your needs and goals. Check it out!