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February 24, 2016

Two engineering professors make top 25 list

Submitted by Mary Rankin

Don Gruenbacher and Medhat M. Morcos, faculty members of electrical and computer engineering at Kansas State University, have been recognized as two of the 25 top professors of electrical engineering at OnlineEngineeringPrograms.com.

The blog recognizes outstanding educators in specific areas of study, noting their contributions to academia in general, as well as online education in particular.

Criteria for selection include:

• Actively teaching at their institution — all of the top 25 currently teach at their affiliated institutions.

• Publications — all of these mechanical engineering professionals have authored or co-authored publications, either in journals, books or other mediums.

• Outside affiliations — these professors have been actively involved over the course of their tenure with other organizations, either private or government-affiliated.

• Level of education — all of these professionals have earned a doctoral degree in the field of mechanical engineering, highlighting both their dedication and passion, as well as their skill and expertise.

Gruenbacher is an associate professor and the head of the electrical and computer engineering department, where he also holds the George and Alice Fielder chair. He is a co-author of the recent publication "Size-based flow management prototype for dynamic dmz," and his research focus is networks protocols and network security.

Morcos is a professor and university distinguished scholar in the electrical and computer engineering department. He is a faculty adviser for the Delta Upsilon fraternity, an associate editor of Electric Power Components and Systems, and is a founding member of the graduate exchange program between the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine, K-State and France.

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