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February 10, 2016

Run for a position on the Union Governing Board

Submitted by Logan Britton

The Union Governing Board serves as the general governing and policymaking body of the K-State Student Union. The board is comprised of 13 students and four faculty members.

Of the 13 students on the board, eight positions are decided by the student body. Six of these positions are elected for a two-year term while the remaining two are elected for a one-year term.

The board positions will be voted on during general elections March 1-2.

Students can file through the Self Service menu on KSIS. Undergraduate candidates must be a full-time student with a minimum K-State GPA of 2.0 while graduate candidates must be enrolled in at least six hours and have a minimum K-State GPA of 3.0.

Read more information about elections and running for Union Governing Board.