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K-State Today

January 15, 2016

Call for international incentive grant proposals for spring 2016

Submitted by Mary K. Pyle

The Office of International Programs is accepting international grant proposals to fund activities that are likely to have a significant impact on elevating international education at Kansas State University. The purpose of the international incentive grants is to promote the internationalization of Kansas State University. The total award amount for this round of grant proposals is $35,000.

"Kansas State University is working tirelessly to engage our students and faculty in the global community as part of our Internationalization Strategic Action Plan," said Marcellus Caldas, assistant provost of international faculty collaborations and educational programs in the Office of International Programs. "We are excited that the Office of International Programs has incentive grants available to service our ever increasing global outreach. Incentive seed grants are designed to assist university faculty members to initiate research and other scholarly professional activities that enhance the internationalization of our university. This grant can be used by faculty to develop international collaborations for research, teaching and study abroad opportunities."

The majority of individual grants will fall into the range of $1,000 to $3,000. Group applications should be submitted by one individual whom the group has identified to serve as the lead for the grant application. This person will be responsible for determining the allocation of funding awarded for the program. Group grants are typically limited to a maximum of $4,000.

Funding will not be approved for attendance at conferences not involving presentations or organizational responsibilities by the grant applicant or technology equipment.

Opportunities for proposals should fall into one or more of the following broad categories:

A. International faculty collaborations and partnership building incentive grant:

• International research/teaching, including organizing international workshops and conferences, and planning visits to initiate collaborative research/teaching and/or institutional partnerships.
• Incorporation of global perspectives/components into curriculum or campus program(s), including bringing international visitors/lecturers to K-State.

B. International global learning opportunities grant:

• Development of global learning opportunities, including study abroad courses and/or internship programs with companies or partner universities overseas.

C. Experimental short term co-teaching international incentive grant.

• Short-term — two to three weeks — co-teaching experiences with partner institutions in which a segment of a syllabus will be shared through technological means by both institutions.
• This grant award will be approximately $2,000.

Deadline for submission is 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12. Read more about the International Incentive Grant program, including submission criteria and information about previous awards or contact Marcellus Caldas at 785-532-1244 or caldasma@k-state.edu.