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January 14, 2016

Author Jean Twenge on campus Feb. 5

Submitted by Jana R. Fallin

"Generation Me" is the theme of the annual mid-year Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence, or FETE, workshop Feb. 5 in the Alumni Center Ballroom. This year, Jean Twinge, author of "Generation Me" and co-author of "The Narcissism Epidemic" will share her work from research with a sample of more than 11 million young people. The generational changes include increases in self-esteem, narcissism, high expectations and declines in mental health.

We will be learning about how technology has affected our students' lives and Twenge's newest research on iGen, the generation born since 1995. A panel of K-State students will reflect on their thoughts after reading "Generation Me." A few K-State faculty will be sharing one-of-a-kind experiences with these students in their classrooms that are unique, to say the least. Twenge will offer suggestions on how she handles these "Gen Me" moments. The day will include how interactions with these young people in our classrooms can be more productive.

Taking this day to learn more about successfully teaching our millennials and networking with your K-State colleagues will be time well-spent. The day includes breakfast at 8:15 a.m. sponsored by Café Learn, and a fajita lunch catered by Wahoo Fire and Ice Grill. 

This year's format is all-day Friday, rather than Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. If you teach on Friday, consider planning a library day or a video activity with reflection for your students. You will learn so much which will positively support your teaching.

You can see information on "Generation Me" on our Teaching & Learning website and register today