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Mick Charney, 2014-2015 Coffman chair for university distinguished teaching scholars, and the Teaching and Learning Center, under the direction of Jana Fallin, invite all K-State faculty, advisers, administrators, and graduate teaching and research assistants to register for a free, one-year subscription to The Teaching Professor newsletter.

The Teaching Professor is one of the most consequential national publications for college-level instructors interested in keeping pace with a broad range of the most recent teaching and learning innovations and best practices; articulated in plain language and made easily adaptable to the classroom.

An individual online subscription normally costs $97 per year, but this group subscription will give all registrants free 24/7 online access to the newsletter from June 1 to May 31, 2016. The subscription includes 10 upcoming issues along with archival access to past issues and will serve as a portal to other teaching and learning resources such as the online blog Faculty Focus as well as a variety of other newsletters, online seminars and special reports available for individual purchase.

The subscription also will link registrants to The Teaching Professor social media sites — Facebook and LinkedIn — that regularly post notices of other upcoming Teaching Professor events and conferences.

Registrations will be accepted at any time during the next few months, but interested parties are urged to fill out a short registration form now in order to take full advantage of all benefits associated with this group subscription.

Please direct all inquiries and requests to Charney at charney@k-state.edu


Videos of SPOTLIGHT presentations


spotlight article 


After attending the third annual SPOTLIGHT K-State on March 24 in the K-State Student Union Forum Hall, faculty members shared these remarks:

  • "Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful SPOTLIGHT event yesterday evening. It was engaging, convivial, elegant, collegial, and even magical at times."
  • "Bravo on last night's program! It was so inspiring and educational."
  • "Last night was an exceptional evening. I loved seeing the passion that the faculty demonstrated during their talks and was deeply impressed by the students who helped close out the show. I also appreciated the opportunity to catch up with colleagues."
  • "Thank you for such a great and inspiring night. If last year was a home run, tonight was a grand slam. You all did such a good job and the speakers were simply magical."

SPOTLIGHT K-State 2015 was a celebration of teaching on our campus. The faculty who presented this year were Ashley Rhodes from biology, Sally Bailey from theater, Sonya Britt and Kristy Archuleta from family studies and human services, Roger McHaney from Management, Naiqian Zhang from biological and agricultural engineering, Amit Chakrabarti from physics, Laura Donnelly from music, theater and dance, Katie Kingery-Page from landscape architecture and regional & community planning. Students who presented were Jordan Thomas and McKenzie Wade, both from Anthropology. All were amazing.

A few more commenters said:

  • "It just continues to amaze me - the things that our faculty do in the classroom and beyond with so many aspects of student learning. It is wonderful to see it all."
  • "SPOTLIGHT left me on such a high. I'm so proud of our speakers. It really makes you feel good about K-State."

One of the features of SPOTLIGHT is that every person attending receives a free book. What the Best College Teachers Do and What the Best College Students Do, both written by Ken Bain, were this year's selections. Those who attend SPOTLIGHT choose which book they want to take home.

This reflection came from a faculty member:

  • "OK, I have seen people sitting with their noses in a small book about what good college teachers do. The conversations are thick here about what a wonderful event the SPOTLIGHT was!"

Of course, this is one of our goals, to provide opportunities for our faculty to visit and discuss what teaching excellence is and to continue to learn how we can all improve. Almost 300 people attended, and they can relate to these statements.

Attendees experienced wonderful music played by K-State faculty members Fred Burrack, Steve Dyer, Kurt Gartner, Phil Payne and Brian Niehoff. They experienced an incredible reception with amazing food, wine, beverages, and time spent visiting with friends. However, one has to attend to have these experiences. Plans are underway for SPOTLIGHT K-State 2016 and next year's event will be in either late February or early March. Mark your calendars, because you are invited.

Additional comments said:

  • "Fantastic event, beautifully orchestrated and enlightening! Thank you so much."
  • "I love SPOTLIGHT and thought it was especially amazing this year! I think SPOTLIGHT is one of the things that really make me proud to be a K-Stater."


2nd Annual Big XII Teaching and Learning Conference
Oklahoma State University
July 30 - 31, 2015

K-State Faculty please consider submitting a proposal:

A contingent from K-State went last year, and the presentations from our faculty were outstanding.  We are hoping for an even larger K-State presence at this 2nd conference.

Last year was a good experience.  Good speakers, getting to meeting people from other Big XII Schools, supporting our K-State colleagues….I recommend you strongly consider going.



Upcoming Events

August 20, 2015
GTA Orientation
9:00am - 12:00pm
Hemisphere Room
Hale Library


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