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  First Gen short

Watch the K-State Faculty Videos

Dr. Lee Ward - Part I
First Generation Students
Where are You in the Student Equation

Dr. Lee Ward - Part II
Learning Environments
Critical Compassionate Pedagogy

Judge Tommy Webb
Making a Difference

Dr. Lee Ward - Part III
More Ideas Working with 1st Gen Students

 Big XII Conference

SAVE another DATE

FETE Mid-year Workshop
February 5, 2016

Generation me picture

Jean Twenge  author of   “Generation Me” Will be the Keynote Speaker

 Coffee Group for Fall

All faculty invited to register for free Teaching and Learning Newsletter

front cover of The Teaching Professor newsletter

Mick Charney, 2014-2015 Coffman chair for university distinguished teaching scholars, and the Teaching and Learning Center, under the direction of Jana Fallin, invite all K-State faculty, advisers, administrators, and graduate teaching and research assistants to register for a free, one-year subscription to The Teaching Professor newsletter.

Please direct all inquiries and requests to Charney at charney@k-state.edu


Upcoming Events

December 9, 2015
GTA PD Series 
"T'was the Night before Finals"
Teaching & Learning Center 
Wildcat Landing, Suite 200

January 14, 2016
Spring GTA Orientation
Hemisphere Room
Hale Library

January 21, 2016
GTA PD Series
"Creating Personal Connections in the Classroom"
Hemisphere Room
Hale Library

February 3, 2016
New Faculty Institute Luncheon
Flint Hills Room
Student Union

February 5, 2016
FETE Teaching Workshop
"Generation Me"
Banquet Room
Alumni Center

February 23, 2016
GTA PD Series
"Put Your Critical Thinking Skills to the Test"
Hemisphere Room
Hale Library

March 1, 2016
Banquet Room
Alumni Center

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