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Jilin University hosted the 2nd International Teaching and Learning Conference in May 2018. Dr. Fred Burrack represented Kansas State University at this event. K-State hosted the first International Teaching and Learning Conference in September, 2017 in Manhattan. Jilin University and K-State are co-directors for this International conference.

The University of Kentucky will host the 3rd Conference in 2019, and hopefully many K-Staters will attend.

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Jana and Jesse

Jesse Stein, doctoral student in Kinesiology, recipient of the 1st ever award for GTA Teaching Excellence in his department.   Jesse took our class, EDCI 943: Principles of College Teaching, and he credits what he learned in this course for his teaching award.



Eunhye Park and Hyunghwa Oh, K-State grad students won the Best Paper Award at 23rd Annual Grad Education/Student Research Conference in Hospitality&Tourism. From 122 presentations, four selected as best papers. Two from K-State! Both took EDCI 943, Principles of College Teaching




Good Ideas For Teaching Success (GIFTS)



"Brain and Learning" - Jane Fishback
June 18, 2018
Room 1092 at College of Business


"Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset" - Jane Fishback
June 25, 2018
Room 1092 at College of Business


"Great Thinking" - Elaine Johannes
July 9, 2018
Room 1092 at College of Business


"Apply What We Learned" - Kathleen Hoss-Cruz
July 16, 2018
Room 3043 at College of Business

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