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November 24, 2015

Criminologists present at annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

Submitted by Lisa Melander

Meeting participants

Faculty and graduate students from the sociology, anthropology, and social work department attended the 71st annual American Society of Criminology meetings, Nov. 18-21, in Washington, D.C.

William Chernoff presented "Measuring Minority Representation: Police Agencies and Arrests."

Edward Green presented "Doin’ My Time: Interviews about Doin’ Time with Lifers," "Broken Mirrors: Uncomfortable Moments in Prison Research as Reflection of the Observer’s Bias," a roundtable discussion "Legalizing Marijuana" and "Entrée and Attunement: Emotional Response in the Field as Data."

Don Kurtz presented "Applying Differential Support and Coercion Theory to Police Officer Misconduct" and a
panel discussion "Where Have All the Social Workers Gone?"

Jamilya Makashova presented "Race and Probation in a Midwestern State."

Lisa Melander presented "Intimate Partner Violence Victimization in Varying Social Contexts" and "An Ecological Analysis of Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use Among Rural Midwestern Adolescents."

Kevin Steinmetz presented "Race and Probation in a Midwestern State" and "Learning from that Foul Taste: Revulsion and Discomfort as Emotional Data in Field Research."

Please contact Lisa Melander at lmeland@k-state.edu for more information on these individual topics.