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K-State Today

June 30, 2015

New required Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention program

Submitted by Julie Gibbs

As part of K‐State's comprehensive and proactive approach to encourage students to stay safe and healthy, K‐State is requiring all students — new and returning* — to complete the Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention Program, a Web‐based educational program referred to as Think About It from CampusClarity.

Beginning on July 1, K‐State will implement this comprehensive sexual violence prevention and education program for all students of the K‐State community. This systemwide program will address substance use and sexual violence through interactive educational contents and scenarios. It will take approximately two hours to complete the program and the associated climate survey. The program is designed to help students to:

  • Make healthy decisions.
  • Know and understand state laws and K‐State campus policies.
  • Know local community resources associated with these topics.

Because of its importance, all students are required to complete the training in its entirety prior to the first day of classes in the upcoming semester. Students who do not complete the required training will be unable to register for future classes until the training has been completed.

The content of the sexual violence education portion of Think About It training may be triggering for some individuals. Please direct triggering concerns and requests for alternative training options to the K-State Center for Advocacy, Response and Education, or CARE, at 785-532‐6444 or ksucare@k-state.edu prior to the first day of classes in the upcoming semester.

The Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention program will be available beginning July 1 and must be completed by Aug. 24. An email will be sent to each student with a link directly to the program. A hold will be put on students' accounts if students do not complete this requirement.

If you have any questions, please email healthy@k-state.edu or call Lafene Health Center, Health Promotion office at 785‐532‐6595. Please visit www.k-state.edu/asap for more information.

*Returning students will take the sexual assault prevention portion only. This training will take place annually and will serve to satisfy federal regulations.