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June 30, 2015

Marketing professor Swinder Janda to be published in upcoming issue of Psychology & Marketing

Submitted by Brent Fritzemeier

Kansas State University professor of marketing Swinder Janda, along with Colorado State University associate professor of marketing Todd Donavan and University of Virginia professor of marketing James Maxham, recently had a paper accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of Psychology & Marketing.

The research, "Identification and Aftermarket Personalization with Durable Goods," establishes the boundary roles of key brand characteristics — like prestige and distinctiveness — in affecting identification and in understanding how identification gives rise to desirable brand outcomes.

The authors conducted a field study with 1,193 consumers and matched customer perceptions with their actual retail spending on aftermarket goods. The results suggest that an individual's intimacy with a brand may affect how prestige and distinctiveness shape their identification.

In addition, their results show that the relationship between identification and customer aftermarket spending is moderated by a customer's level of satisfaction. For consumers with higher levels of satisfaction, identification has a much bigger effect on spending than those with lower levels of satisfaction. This finding emphasizes the importance of delivering a quality customer experience beyond promotions aimed toward brand building efforts.