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June 3, 2015

Budget and furlough frequently asked questions

Submitted by Jeff Morris

While the budget situation remains unsettled at the Kansas Legislature, many of us have been asking questions. The status remains fluid and can change quickly. This information represents the best we have right now.

Why is it necessary for Kansas State University to prepare for furloughs if a budget is not passed by June 7?

Until a budget is approved, the state is unable to give the university funds necessary to cover the first payroll period of Fiscal Year 2016. At this time, the potential furloughs are based on a lack of spending authority, not budget cuts.

Is the budget being cut?

Everything is still on the table. As of today, the proposed budget is flat. Nothing is certain until the Legislature passes a budget and revenue package, which is signed into law by the governor.

Who will be affected by a furlough?

Employees who are deemed "essential" will need to report to work in the event of a furlough. The status will be based on the need to continue operations and provide safety. The Division of Human Capital Services and the Division of Administration and Finance are working to provide guidance in this area.

Employees holding H-1B and E-3 visas are not eligible for furlough.

What is the status of tuition?

The Kansas Board of Regent's Fiscal and Audit Committee stated yesterday that if the Legislature has not finished its work by end of the day on Thursday, they will cancel the meeting scheduled for the tuition first reading on Monday, June 8. They will then schedule the first reading for the June 17 board meeting and vote on tuition the following day.

What is the status of employee contracts and salary increases?

Our current proposed budget includes $1.8 million for faculty promotions, awards and targeted faculty salary enhancements. These increases represent the third year of the faculty salary improvement plan and will be the only increases approved in Fiscal Year 2016.

Employee contracts are being distributed now and should be returned by June 6, if possible. If a new contract is not in place, you will continue to be paid under the current contract, assuming the state adopts a budget.