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K-State Today

December 5, 2011

President Schulz on campus safety

Submitted by Kirk Schulz

The recent coverage of tragic allegations at Penn State and the University of Syracuse has prompted us to remind everyone that safety is of the utmost importance on our campus. Please take a minute to read the recommendations from Quinten Lynn of counseling services and review the list of resources available to us here at Kansas State University.


President Kirk Schulz


The recent coverage of the Penn State and University of Syracuse sexual molestation allegations is both horrendous and ubiquitous. The impact of these reports is far reaching, as research suggests one in four women is sexually assaulted and one in six men was sexually molested as a boy. Given this reality, it is quite possible that these stories are poignantly personal to many of us in the Kansas State University community. Specifically, these stories might elicit memories, emotions, thoughts, and/or flashbacks in people who have gone through similar experiences as those being reported, making these stories even more disquieting.


As a campus community it is incumbent upon us to provide support, understanding and concern for those who might be especially impacted by these reports. If we notice changes in mood, energy levels or disengagement from our students and/or colleagues, we can ask them how they are doing and offer support. We can be willing to listen to those who need an ear and we can suggest they talk to a caring professional. At Kansas State University, students can connect with a counselor at counseling services. Faculty and staff can avail themselves to a variety of support and counseling services in the Manhattan area. In the end, it is important that we treat each other with respect and dignity and encourage each other to seek the support we might need.


Quinten Lynn, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Counseling Services



Kansas State University Safety Information


Kansas State University has many policies and programs in place across campus to protect the K-State family as well as visitors and guests. Some of these resources are cited below. Please spend some time familiarizing yourself with this information.


1. The Campus Security and Safety Report includes many of the important points about existing policies and procedures and about the shared responsibility for safety.


2. The Kansas State University police investigate all crimes on university-owned property. Faculty and staff should report crimes to the university police at 532-6412 or police@k-state.edu. The police also offer a silent witness program that allows campus crimes to be reported anonymously.


3. The workplace violence policy applies to all on campus, including visitors. As a university employee you are responsible for notifying the associate vice president of human resources of any threats you have witnessed or received. This includes threats you have been told that another person has witnessed or received. The university threat management team, which includes university police, will investigate potential violations of this policy that involve employees.


4. The university also has a policy prohibiting discrimination, harassment and sexual violence. This policy covers not just the K-State family but also visitors and guests. It gives supervisors and administrators several responsibilities:

  • Report complaints to the office of affirmative action
  • Keep complaints confidential
  • Protect the privacy of all parties involved in a complaint
  • Prevent or eliminate discrimination, harassment or retaliation


5.  The university offers a program, Student  of Concern, where faculty, staff, and/or students may report their concern for a student at http://www.k-state.edu/studentlife/crisisassistance/studentconcern.htm.


6. Every Kansas State University student is entitled to four free counseling sessions per year and then receives reduced rates for sessions thereafter, and all faculty and staff have access to the Employee Assistance Program.


7. The office of student life offers many resources to students including problem solving, campus safety, crisis assistance and many more. Contact the office of student life at http://www.k-state.edu/studentlife drop by 102 Holton Hall, or call 532-6432.