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October 15, 2014

APDesign to host Interior Design Educators Council Midwest regional conference

Submitted by Thom Jackson

Kansas State University will host the 2014 Interior Design Educators Council Midwest regional conference Oct. 16-18.

K-State's Katherine Ankerson, professor and department head for the College of Architecture, Planning & Design's interior architecture & product design department, is the council's 2014 president — the first professor from K-State with this position.

During the conference, representatives from the Midwest and beyond will engage with students and professionals in the design field. The theme of this years conference is "Design + Making: Process Inextricably Linked." Jordan Mozer, founder and co-owner of Jordan Mozer & Associates Limited, will present the keynote lecture "Walk-In Poems" at 7 p.m. in the Hemisphere Room of Hale Library.

During the two-day event, a wide variety of topics will be presented and discussed by Dana Vaux, University of Nebraska, Kearney assistant professor; David Richter-O'Conell, Kansas State University assistant professor; Lynette Panarelli, Wentworth Institute of Technology assistant professor; Nicole Peterson, Iowa State University assistant professor; Julie Boettcher, University of Pittsburgh Online; Anne Wilkinson, Eastern Michigan University; Lindsey Fay, University of Kentucky assistant professor; and Bryan Orthel and Julia Day, Kansas State University assistant professors.

The council is composed of five regions, each hosts a regional conference during the fall. The 2015 national conference is in March in Fort Worth, Texas.

The council is the professionally recognized association for interior design educators in North America, was conceived in 1962 and was named and formalized at its first conference in 1963. As described in its first constitution, the stated purpose of the organization was to be "dedicated to the development and improvement of interior design education," to establish and strengthen "lines of communication between individuals, educational institutions and organizations concerned with interior design," and to strive "to improve teaching of interior design, and through it the professional level of interior design." This broad purpose enabled council's founders to lay the foundation for a long and significant history, one that has had a major impact on the interior design profession.