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K-State Today

May 22, 2014

Statement regarding Leticia Romero's request for transfer

Submitted by Jeff Morris

Recent media reports may have created the impression that the university is reconsidering student athlete Leticia Romero's request for a transfer. The news reports are based on an apparent photo of a confidential letter from Athletic Director John Currie to Pat Bosco, vice president for student life at Kansas State University.

Under university policy, the Appeals Committee’s decision is final and binding, and there is no university procedure to reexamine one of those decisions. Thus, the university process concludes with the Appeals Committee’s decision. Also, the final and binding nature of these decisions does not allow for them to be overturned by university administrators.

The transfer release and appeal policy of the department of intercollegiate athletics is included in the handbook provided to every student athlete at Kansas State University:

Except for the most compelling of circumstances, which place an undue burden on the student athlete, it is the policy of the department of intercollegiate athletics not to grant a release for purposes of a transfer or provide the one-time transfer exception (NCAA Bylaw

A scholarship student athlete who seeks a transfer from Kansas State University, to another institution for the purpose of continuing athletic participation at that institution, must receive a release from the director of athletics prior to contact with athletics representatives of other institutions (NCAA Bylaw A student athlete may seek a release through the sport administrator of his/her team.

If a student's request for transfer is denied, the student will be notified in writing of his/her right to appeal (NCAA Bylaw and the steps necessary to request the hearing. The hearing will take place in front of an Appeals Committee to be assembled by the vice president of student life and comprised of individuals from the institution's main campus and outside of athletics. The ruling of the Appeals Committee is final and binding.