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K-State Today

April 23, 2014

Big 12 safety directors meet to improve campus safety

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

Improving the safety on college campuses is an important concern for the Big 12 Conference.

Steven Galitzer, director of Kansas State University department of environmental health and service, said a big challenge is to change the safety culture. One way is to provide laboratory training to everyone and make it required for all. The directors have suggested looking at the different experiments performed and eliminating the more hazardous ones, if possible.

The discussion, which was part of a conference between the environmental health and safety departments of the Big 12, also included current smoking and tobacco policies in effect. Of the Big 12 schools, three-fourths don't allow smoking on campus. K-State currently allows for smoking on the campus, but not in buildings.

The safety directors of the Big 12 and Wichita State University's environmental health and safety are planning a joint statement to outline how their organizations will improve the safety culture on their campuses. That is expected later this year.

A conference is held annually to discuss matters of environmental health and safety in the Big 12.  This year K-State held the conference, marking the third time the university has hosted the event.