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K-State Today

March 25, 2014

March employee assistance program article: Fostering resilience

Submitted by Division of Human Resources

How resilient are you? During a personal crisis, some people are more resilient than others. Resilience is more than coping; it's about confronting crises and difficult situations without getting overwhelmed by them. Resilient people are better able to handle life's stressors and adapt to changing situations.

Being resilient can help protect you from depression, stress and anxiety, too. Resilience can be strengthened and nurtured in adults and children by improving self-esteem, developing a strong system of social support and taking care of your physical and mental health.

For tips on building resilience, read the State of Kansas Employee Assistance Program article. If you need help dealing with a personal crisis, or would like additional resources and strategies for improving your resilience, contact your employee assistance program for confidential counseling and other services at 1-888-275-1205, option 7.