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K-State Today

December 15, 2017

Transition to formal space allocation process

By Heather Mills

The university will transition to a formal space allocation process after successfully completing three space migration projects.

The new space allocation process will allow departments to submit space requests and allocate space on a timelier basis throughout the year. This new process will provide open and transparent information on available space on campus and utilize the guiding principles that were developed for the space migration projects to evaluate space requests. The formal space allocation process can be found on the space management website.

This process will assist the university with creating consistent, flexible and efficient space allocations. It also will ensure that the university fully maximizes its resources to provide top quality academic services to its students and a positive and productive working environment for its faculty and staff.

Available space will be listed quarterly throughout the year on the space management website. The first round of spaces available for reallocation will be announced in January.

Please contact Heather Mills at hlmills@k-state.edu for additional information or to answer questions.