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Position Announcement

Position title: Interim Vice President for Technology Transfer, Kansas State University Research Foundation

Position summary:

Kansas State University Research Foundation [KSURF] seeks an articulate spokesperson with excellent managerial skills to provide an interface between campus-based and external resources in the identification and translation of K-State’s intellectual property into the local, regional, and national economies. The successful candidate will lead KSURF in its activities to identify, protect, and maintain the intellectual property of K-State faculty, staff, and student innovators. As a part of these activities, the candidate will work with K-State and external networks to facilitate the IP translational mission of the institution. The candidate will work closely with [and report to] the President of KSURF, and will be responsible to the KSURF Board of Directors. Further, the successful candidate will work with highly skilled licensing teams to bring K-State technologies into the marketplace – the primary entity being Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization.


As a major land-grant institution, Kansas State University has a strong portfolio of innovation in research, scholarly and creative activities, and discovery [RSCAD]. Extramural funding for these activities has grown significantly during the past decade, and currently approaches $160 million per year. A mission of KSURF is to assist faculty members in protecting the intellectual property that they have developed during the RSCAD processes, and to facilitate the translation of these innovations into the marketplace both for the good of the global economy and for the economic vitality of K-State and its student/staff/faculty stakeholders.

K-State has developed an internal network of focus groups having a mandate for innovation in research, scholarly and, creative activities, and discovery [RSCAD]. Included in this network are:

  • Associate Deans for Research Council
  • Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship in the College of Business Administration
  • Advanced Manufacturing Institute
  • Office of Corporate Engagement
  • Office of PreAward Services
  • Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Vice President for Research

External relationships have also been valuable assets in facilitating the RSCAD mission. These stakeholders include:

  • Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization [KSU-IC]
  • Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute [KCALSI]
  • KC Animal Health Corridor
  • Knowledge-Based Economic Development enterprise [KBED]
  • Regional economic development councils
  • Kansas State University Endowment Foundation
  • Whiteboard 2 Boardroom program [W2B]
  • Kansas Wheat Alliance [KWA]
  • Kansas commodity organizations

The successful candidate will work with all of the internal and external stakeholders to ensure that appropriate translational activities occur. A broad-based, flexible approach will be required to meet the stakeholders’ needs.

Position responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage strong relationships with faculty inventors and prospective inventors to enhance disclosure pipeline. Receive disclosures of invention and process through the Intellectual Property Advisory Committee.
  • Manage the intellectual property portfolio of KSURF. The portfolio includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, plant variety patents, and non-patentable materials. Engage with outside counsel to facilitate filings and prosecution of appropriate patent applications.
  • Interface with marketing organizations contracted to commercialize KSU technologies, namely the KSU-IC.
  • Interface with the Office of PreAward Services to manage K-State IP rights during the development of RSCAD contractual arrangements with extramural funding organizations including industry, commodity groups, and foundations.
  • Ensure that appropriate metrics to measure operational progress and success are met.

Interface with the K-State community to enhance the development of translatable innovation disclosures and articulate the KSURF mission, processes, and policies. This will include workshops with groups of faculty members, advocacy at the level of the Associate Deans for Research Council, and discussions with individual inventors.


Work with staff to manage day-to-day operations and work flow utilizing enterprise management software; assist in preparation of annual budget of legal expenses.


Work with staff to ensure effective communication with the KSURF Board and their committees. Lead initiatives as requested by same.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of intellectual property matters and technology transfer life cycle, especially with collaborative agreements, patents, licenses and marketing considerations.
  • Excellent communication skills including the ability to present material, written and oral, in a concise, effective, and professional manner to a variety of groups and individuals.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a variety of constituents to form effective collaborative relationships.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field complemented with an appropriate advanced degree.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in a higher education technology transfer environment.
  • A graduate credential in intellectual property management.
  • J.D. from accredited law school with emphasis in intellectual property law or registered patent attorney with experience working with intellectual property matters in a university setting.
  • Previous experience working with 501(c)3 organizations governed by a board of directors.

Application Procedure: Applications should be e-mailed to tech.transfer@ksu.edu. The application should include a single pdf file containing (1) a Letter of Interest describing how candidate meets required qualifications; (2) a detailed curriculum vitae; and (3) contact information for three professional references.

Review of Applications: Review of applications will begin on March 30 and continue until a suitable candidate is identified.

Kansas State University is an EOE of individuals with disabilities and protected veterans. Background check required. Kansas State University actively seeks diversity among its employees.

For Inventors and Creators

Have you discovered something that you think might be patentable or otherwise protectable? It could be an apparatus, process or composition of matter that is useful and unique. If you have, contact our office or complete an invention disclosure form. We are here to advise and assist you.

We have created the Tech Transfer FAQ that answers many of the common questions you may have. In addition, you may find our "Intellectual Property Handbook: A Handbook for KSU Faculty and Researchers" a valuable resource for understanding the intellectual property policies and the technolgy transfer process. More...

For Industry

K-State has an active program to facilitate technology licensing and transfer (commercialization) of intellectual property developed by University faculty. This process is facilitated through a partnership between Kansas State University Research Foundation (KSURF) and the Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization (KSU-IC). KSURF has the responsibility for managing the intellectual property portfolio of the University with KSU-IC serving as KSURF's commercialization agent. More...

News and Events

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    Research Seminar

Our Mission

To promote, encourage, and aid scientific investigation, research and technology transfer at Kansas State University. We strive to assist K-State's faculty, staff and students in developing and protecting their discoveries and inventions to return the greatest advantage to the creators, K-State and the general public.

A Quick Summary of KSURF Activities for Calendar Year 2014 [PDF]

A Quick Summary of KSURF Activities for Calendar Year 2013 [PDF]