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Strengths Workshops

Strengths workshops, facilitated by Strengths Advocates and Champions, center on developing collective strengths knowledge and practices across campus. While incorporating both a presentation and hands-on activities, strengths workshops: 

  • Are tailored to group’s understanding and needs around strengths.
  • Are great for academic/administrative departments, classes, student organizations, living groups, and more.
  • Are free!

 Interested? Request one of our workshops (topics listed below) here.

Strengths Basics

This introductory workshop covers the following topics:

  • Strengths Philosophy and Mindset
  • Strengths Equation and Research
  • Talent Themes and Domains
  • Strengths Impact on Engagement and Flow
  • Strengths’ Barrier Labels and Shadow Sides

Strengths Professional Development

This workshop will help clarify who you are and how your strengths can be leveraged to help you succeed professionally. Facilitators bring in knowledge from the Strengths Basics workshop, while focusing on both/either academic and career strengths development. Participants can learn:

  • Strengths-specific study techniques
  • How to leverage strengths during class and projects
  • How to integrate strengths into interviews and workplace

Strengths Team Building

This workshop is geared towards helping groups further develop their understanding of individual strengths and how they contribute to team dynamics. Along with developing basic strengths knowledge, participants can learn:

  • How to read their Team Map (Gallup’s visual representation of team strengths)
  • How to engage and leverage peer strengths
  • How to motivate and set expectations with strengths