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Trouble Gaining Access?

Common Problems-

  • trouble with redeeming code?

Sometimes students have trouble with codes because there are two websites to redeem the codes. Make sure you are using the website for student codes- https://www.strengthsquest.com/registration/default.aspx  If you are still having trouble with the assessment, contact Gallup's helpline at 1-888-561-5270 since they can better assist with the Strengthsquest Website.

  • No code in KSIS account?

First year students, including transfer and graduate students will have a code in their KSIS account for the first year they are enrolled. If you are a new student and do not have a code, please email us at- strengths@ksu.edu

  • Need a code for a class?

Instructors can request codes for a class for those who did not take the CliftonStrengths Assessment within their first year at K-State.

  • Need a code for a workshop?

Workshop host can request codes for their student group by emailing us at strengths@ksu.edu.

  • Not a student?

Purchase a code here from Gallup's Website.