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January 22nd - March 8th

Join in on the scavenger hunt! First, pick up a scavenger hunt tracker from the Berney Family Welcome Center or print one on this website. Then, start the hunt by finding the 34 Strengths around campus on posters to get clues. Complete the phrase on the scavenger hunt tracker and find the Strengths Advocates in the Union on Friday, March 8th to claim your prize!

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March 4th - March 8th

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Click on each event for more information!


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Strengths Week At a Glance 

Monday          11-1        Strengths Pyramid Build-Union- Main Floor

                      12-1        Workshop- topic TBD- Berney Family Welcome Center

Tuesday         11-1        Strengths Pyramid Build-Union-Main Floor

                      12-1        Workshop- Are you feeding your Strengths?- Berney Family Welcome Center

                      12-1        Strengths Bingo-Town Hall of Leadership Studies

Wednesday    12-1        Workshop- 10 10-minute Activities for Meetings and Classrooms- Berney

                                     Family Welcome Center

                   6:30-8:30   Strengths in Action with Bluekey- Forum Hall  PLEASE RSVP HERE

Thursday        12-1       Workshop- 'Supporting Studies' Career Preparation with Strengths- Berney

                                    Family Welcome Center

                    2-3:30      Becoming a Strengths-Based LeaderTown Hall of Leadership Studies

Friday             11-1      Scavenger Hunt Prize Giveaway!- Union- Main Floor

                       12-1      Workshop- Utilizing Strengths with Online Learning- Berney Family Welcome