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Strengths Student Advocates

What is a Strengths Advocate? 

Strengths Advocates are K-State students who integrate Strengths into their student groups and organizations to create professional development opportunities and conversations with their peers. After taking the assessment and a training, Strengths Advocates develop knowledge around their own Strengths and strive to integrate Strengths with their student groups. Strengths Advocates help promote the Strengths culture that drives the increase of retention, engagement, and overall well-being of students across campus.

What are the requirements of being a Strengths Advocate?

Requirements of Strengths Champions include:

  • Complete the CliftonStrengths Assessment, receiving your Top 5 Strengths.
  • Have a passion for Strengths development and commitment to honor the true CliftonStrengths philosophy and framework.
  • Attend the Strengths Advocate Training to learn how to incorporate Strengths in your student group.


Fill out the Become an Advocate form to start!


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