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Welcome from the President

Welcome to the K-State Social Club!

We’re a lively bunch of faculty and staff from every corner of the University and its affiliates.

This collective has 100+ year history and originated for female faculty and wives of faculty and administrators. Throughout the years, this group has engaged with the University community to provide socialization, enhance camaraderie, and serve the campus and surrounding community through programs, dinners, and dances.

Currently, we’re much less formal and find ways to connect with each other through interest groups which meet regularly. We’re always welcoming new members and new interest groups! This year’s groups include the return of two of our most popular: Exploring the World of Wine and Gourmet Club. We’ve added a new one for all who love the outdoors and adventuring!

Please pardon our progress as we update our website and information post-COVID. Our most recent information is present on this year’s registration form. You can also find us on Facebook.

The coordinating group is always looking for new members as well. This group gathers about once a month to help create communication for the group, manage some finances, award our scholarships, and generally keep us moving forward. If you’re interested in joining our coordinating group, please indicate your interest on the registration form. (It’s a small commitment of 2-3 hours/month.)

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Alex Trout
Housing and Dining Services

Patricia Thompson
School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Perla Reyes
Department of Statistics

Membership Eligibility and Dues

Membership in the Kansas State University Social Club is open to any of the following and/or their spouses: administrative officers, administrative assistants, faculty members of the rank of instructor or above, including visiting and regents professors and post-doctoral fellows, commissioned officers in the Military Science and Aerospace Departments, director and assistant directors of athletics, coaches and assistant coaches, government personnel with equivalent faculty rank working in conjunction with the university, and former faculty members in the above named categories.  Courtesy membership is extended to first-time members for one year and to house directors. Anyone in the groups listed above may join Social Club by payment of dues of $15 per individual or $25 per couple per year. Please complete the Member Registration Form and return to the Treasurer of Kansas State University Social Club.

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