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Social Club

History of the Kansas State University Social Club

Kansas State University Social Club was founded in November 1911 by Margaret Ward Watson Waters, first lady of the college. Since the faculty had grown to 100 members, she felt a club that promoted socialization would enhance campus camaraderie. She called female faculty and wives to meet in Calvin Hall and thus began a group that was to improve the life of faculty, staff, and students. Over the years they have presented programs, dinners, and dances in addition to serving the community at large.

They hosted the young poet, Carl Sandburg, purchased a piano for the student union, and did volunteer work in town in small groups. In the 1960s the organization became coed. Today it offers a variety of interest groups to members, continue to host lunches and dinners with noted speakers and programs, in addition to offering four scholarships, which “make student dreams come true.” Interdisciplinary socialization remains its prime focus.

Michealine Chance-Reay
Club Historian (2008)

Dr. Chance-Reay's book "Land-Grant Ladies: Kansas State University Presidential Wives," details the history of both the Social Club and the First Ladies of K-State.

A slideshow presented at Kansas State University Social Club's Centennial luncheon on November 1, 2011, detailing some of the club's historical highlights and trends (edited for web viewing) is available here.

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