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National Sigma Xi and Kansas State Chapter of Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research Programs

Kansas State has an active chapter of Sigma Xi, the Scientific and Engineering Research Society. Currently, our local chapter would like science students to know about the national and local competitions for small grants.

Sigma Xi is a diverse organization of members dedicated to the advancement of science and engineering. Sigma Xi and its chapters have developed programs and activities that recognize research accomplishment, support science education and student research, and promote publishing and research ethics. In addition, the Society advocates collaboration among researchers in different disciplines in science and engineering and the globalization of science.

Upcoming deadline for national and local grant applications:  Spring deadline, March 15, 20023; Fall deadline, October 1, 2023

National competition: The national program awards grants of up to $1,000 to undergraduate and graduate students from all areas of the sciences and engineering. (Designated funds from the National Academy of Sciences allow for grants of up to $5,000 for astronomy research and $2,500 for vision related research.) Students may use the funding to pay for travel expenses to and from a research site, or for purchase of non-standard laboratory equipment necessary to complete a specific research project.

While membership in Sigma Xi is not a requirement for applying for national funding from the Grants-in-Aid of Research program, approximately 75% of funds are restricted for use by dues paying student members of Sigma Xi or students whose project advisor is a dues paying member of Sigma Xi.

Learn How to Submit Your Best Grant Application

Watch a recording of Sigma Xi's Google Hangout, "How to Submit Your Best Grant Application," to learn about the Grants in Aid of Research application review process. Speakers Peter Harries, chair of the GIAR Committee, and Emma Perry, member and former chair of the committee, took questions from the audience. Kevin Bowen, former GIAR program manager, also answered questions about the application. Youmay also want to visit the national GIAR web site.

KSU Chapter of Sigma Xi Grant-In-Aid of Research Award: KSU's competition is aimed at graduate students. The national level program is highly competitive (few proposals are funded, with awards ranging from $400 to $1,000), and many outstanding proposals are not funded. Through the local chapter's award, the KSU Chapter will enhance the research of an excellent KSU graduate student.

Who may apply: Current KSU graduate students who are members of Sigma Xi and/or whose faculty advisers are members of the KSU Chapter of Sigma Xi (current 2022-2023), and who are submitting an application to the national level Sigma Xi Grant-In-Aid of Research program for the March 15 or October 1st deadline are eligible. (Note that these eligibility guidelines are more restrictive than those outlined for the national level grants.)

Award: Of submitted proposals that are not funded as part of the national competition, one will be selected for funding (at the level of $400) by the Chapter. The award will be made during the 2023 - 2024 academic year, and will additionally be announced at a spring event.

Application process: The proposal submitted for this award must be the same proposal submitted to Sigma Xi for the national level competition; see above. To be considered for the Chapter award, application materials must be submitted additionally to the Chapter (mmather@ksu.edu), for the 2023 award cycle). Applicants must:

  1. Provide name, contact information, advisor’s name, advisor’s contact information. Indicate whether student and/or advisor are Sigma Xi members.
  2. Submit uploaded application materials (including the pdf submitted to Sigma Xi, containing project title, 500-word proposal narrative with no more than 2 images embedded in the narrative to mmather@ksu.edu; and
  3. Have the individual writing the letter submit it to chapter president Martha Mather at (mmather@ksu.edu).

Applicants must meet the March 15th or October 1st deadline, and are responsible for noting that materials must be submitted to the Chapter as well as to the national Society. For information about joining Sigma Xi (new members are welcome!), contact Chapter President, Martha Mather (mmather@ksu.edu).

Download K-State application

Sigma Xi

The Scientific Research Society National website

Past GIAR Winners

Sarah Winnicki

Sarah Winnicki - 2018  Winner

Matt Galliart

Matt Galliart - 2016 National Winner


Samantah Sharpe

Samantha Sharpe - 2016 K-State Chapter Winner